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June 21, 2022, marks the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere - The day with the longest period of daylight - the beginning of astronomical summer, At the same time, the Southern Hemisphere experiences the winter solstice (the day with the shortest period of daylight).Solstices happen twice per year, at the points in Earth’s orbit where this tilt is most pronounced and and mark the change of seasons to summer and winter, respectively.  See more

"Decades of research document the detrimental health effects of BPA – an expert on environmental pollution and maternal health explains what it all means"...Read more

By now, few people question the reality that humans are altering Earth’s climate. The real question is: How quickly can we halt, even reverse, the damage?...Read more

"The path to flourishing is no simple issue of mind over matter. It also depends on society’s systems and structures: Safe, affordable housing. A living wage. Solutions to systemic racism. Affordable, quality food and health care, including mental health care". ....... Read more

"In ways big and small — in schools, in homes, in every facet of life — the United States fails to protect and support its children". Read more

"Genetic paparazzi are right around the corner, and courts aren’t ready to confront the legal quagmire of DNA theft. DNA is a trove of personal information that can be hard to keep track of and protect"  Read more

"Each morning, the people incarcerated in India’s open prisons head out to work, to visit family, or to simply wander the city. And at the end of the day, in virtually every case, they come back. The premise is simple: when a system trusts and respects its prisoners, the prisoners trust and respect the system. Could this work anywhere?" Continue reading

"Seventeen-year-old Benjamin Choi put his spare time during the pandemic to good use designing an accessible device that doesn’t require brain surgery"...... Read more

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