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Posted by MFish

I dreamt I was important
And when I awoke,
I found that I was
Important, to someone like:
People who love you,
For the way you are,
Less than perfect.

Pleasure comes in many
Watching children playing,
Hearing girls, laughing,
The smell of fresh
Bread baking or
Touching someone,
You love.

The sunlight
spirals downward; caught
by the dust in the trees,
then burrows into the
piles of scattered leaves.
Life goes on, as Sun rays
spill toward the sheltered ground.
There is a golden silence
for the wind blows, not now.
It will resume in morning
hours, before the Rooster crows;.
Life is beautiful when you
hear the Songbird sing
about a song and ring
of light, from the Sun above
filled with warmth
and with love.

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