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Posted by MFish

Twas the light which appeared in your eyes
and led the way to a new surprise.
A gift of love to all who stayed by love's
rule, until the end of days.
A golden beam, flashed across the sky,
brightening our awareness. Tell me why,
the words he spoke, that day, live on,
in my mind, every day?
I go not, when senses for all,
of my dreams, have gone away.
To be with you, on this day, remembering
all the love of this life. What are we to
do, when you want him?
The most precious love I have ever
known, where life from the coop has
flown. Will you still be mine,
when all is done? You were the only
one who turned my soul, which remains
today, as you know. Whose soul has
shrunk and almost died.
Run from here, pretty one, for my love
may not come to see you.
I want you now. You're all I need.

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