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Posted by MFish

It was a beautiful life,
when I was living
with my lovely wife.
Things began to
unravel when she
was diagnosed with
Lung Cancer, Stage 3.
Treatment successful,
in remission eight years
but the ravages of Chemo,
took its toll. Diagnosed
with Early Onset Dementia,
January 2017. Early warning
signs, of memory loss,
unable to balance the check book,
appeared in 2015.
New diagnosis of Advanced
Vascular Dementia-Alzheimer
Disease. Moved to a Memory
Care facility, January 2022.
I live in the same facility
but one floor separating us.
I see her, almost every day,
trying to have dinner with
her. It is a moment I need,
probably more than she.
There is no recollection of
being at the same Dining Room,
same table, for over a month.
It has become difficult for her
to make small decisions when
eating food. She will say,
"What do I do?" I help her
and explain what she is eating.
She won't remember that in the
next few minutes. I see her
frustration and it pains me,
knowing I have lost this person
who I love.

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