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Faucets are one of the busiest tools in the kitchen from filling the kettle to raising the vegetables, it is used throughout the day. Therefore, kitchen faucets should be chosen based on the perfect balance of design and functionality and you will get all these things on the kitchen sinks Vancouver. Sometimes many homeowners choose the faucets as it completely suits the overall style of the kitchen or countertop, yes, it is important but along with the aestheticism, it is very important to choose the faucets that also offer you great functionality. Therefore we have created an easy guide to help you narrow down the best faucet for your design. Let's take a review of two-handled faucets and single lever faucets.

Two-handled faucets
If we talk about the two-handled faucets, their classic style is designed in such a way that it easily adapts to any kitchen environment. This type of faucets offers you to adjust the flow of water and enables the individual control of hot and cold water temperature by adding individual levers and handles.

One of the major cons of using double-handled faucets is their installation process; it requires a minimum of three holes on the countertop and that may not be appealing for you. This process can’t be done by yourself; you need a plumber in this case.
Overall this kind of faucet is perfect if you want hot and cold water in a single faucet, but its three-hole design could bother you. Moving to the next thing: single-handle faucet.

Single handle faucets
Nowadays single-handle faucets are becoming more popular among homeowners because in general, most buyers find them easy to use. Its design and style are at their place but apart from this functionality and great user experience is always important for any faucets.

Single handle faucets offer the following number of advantages over doubled-handled faucets. Let's take a look. Firstly single handle faucets require a single hole to be cut out into the countertop. Nowadays single-handle faucets technology has improved and reached the point where the double-handled faucets provide functionality. Single handle faucets are capable of providing the same level of control as the double-lever faucets provide.

One of the major disadvantages of using single-handle faucets is that it's necessary to turn off both the valves when they start to leak.

Along with the faucets, the sink also plays a major role in the scenario, and to get the right one you need to take a look at kitchen sinks in Vancouver. You will get plenty of designs with great functionality and quality at an affordable price.

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