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Posted by MFish

What are we to do
the family cried,
when you lock us up,
taking away our pride?
I would like to come here legally.
Lord knows I tried,
but you lock me up,
now my child has died.
What kind of person are you,
all torn up inside.
When I was crossing
the border wide.
I know you hate my face
when you deride
my life's pain and suffering
as you stood there and lied.

A far away land
at distance to thee,
is where I will wander,
when I search for me.
Travel today
is not the best choice,
unless sitting in a tube
is cause to rejoice.
Crammed into the can
of a cabin of size,
leaves no space to breathe
or to optimize,
the safety you need.
Lord please help me,
complete my next deed.

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