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What is your answer?
What do you say,
when your spouse says to thee,
"Is this our house?
Why are we here?"
Yes, we are home,
I said that to she.
The newest development,
in the Dementia Parade.
Another lost memory or more
for I can't keep up,
and no longer keep score.

My Thoughts

Posted by MFishProfile 07/30/21 at 11:12PM Poetry See more by MFish

My thoughts today
are those of thanks.
Thank you
for allowing me to be,
here for my wife,
who needs me now.
To care for her
as said in our vow;
to honor and cherish
for as long
as we shall live.
Thank you Lord
for the life you give.

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MFish • 07/30/2021 at 11:27PM • Like Profile

Thank you, Loy.

There was a rumbling;
a loud exhaust noise,
produced by a man
with too many man toys.
The chill and excitement,
you heard outside on the street,
sends a chill up my spine.
The sound of it's silence
by the electric cars
is not there, yet there they are,
swooping down like an electric
golf cart is what you get,
when we leave the gas vehicles
and go to these new times.
No gas tax revenues
to pay for repairing the streets,
so tax revenue drops,
with no offset revenue here.

Stand and Deliver

Posted by MFishProfile 07/29/21 at 11:40PM Humor See more by MFish

Stand and deliver.
A stand of trees
or to stand up,
or stand
if you please.
A night stand.
To stand by
or a fruit stand,
to be or just
stand next to me.
A deer stand
up in a tree.
I understand what
it may be to thee.
To take a stand
and stand for your beliefs.
Stand once more
before you kneel to me.

My brain is dead.
It died once more.
Why am I running on empty?
I don't know anymore.
Needing some inspiration
to open the proverbial door;
stoking my imagination
and to sweep the floor
of my mind. throwing out
the broken words and chaff.
Please help me now, Lord,
as I need a good laugh.

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