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It's not important
who wins this game,
but who survives,
without blame.
Don't tell me to relax.
Don't tell me to take a break.
You don't see the pain
in her eyes, when I return
after being gone.
Sorry, but I choose
not to see those eyes
filled with emotions
because she is afraid
of being abandoned.
I am not trying to be
a hero. I just want to
fulfill our marriage vows.
Call me foolish,
call me dumb,
it is alright.

I Cry

Posted by MFish Profile 09/20/22 at 10:35PM Share Life Stories See more by MFish

I cry, in darkest night,
my wife by my side.
She's asleep.
I realize each day I am
with her, is the best
day it will ever be.
I see her fade
daily to a point
she can no longer
function by herself.
An Independent, self-reliant,
strong woman, who has lost
capability. Sadness,
a word which doesn't adequately
describe, what has happened to her.

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