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I knew everything would be alright,
for it was love, at first sight.
The curve of her body, long and thin
and I must mention the color of her skin.
The color was dark; black not blue,
I am certain that would move quite a few.
Her voice had a rumble. Nice to hear,
with a sound so pleasant to my ear.
Why does my blood rush this far
when I'm looking at a new car?

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day:

What created this unusual planetary nebula? NGC 7027 is one of the smallest, brightest, and most unusually shaped planetary nebulas known. Given its expansion rate, NGC 7027 first started expanding, as visible from Earth, about 600 years ago. For much of its history, the planetary nebula has been expelling shells, as seen in blue in the featured image. In modern times, though, for reasons unknown, it began ejecting gas and dust (seen in red) in specific directions that created a new pattern that seems to have four corners. These shells and patterns have been mapped in impressive detail by recent images from the Wide Field Camera 3 onboard the Hubble Space Telescope. What lies at the nebula's center is unknown, with one hypothesis holding it to be a close binary star system where one star sheds gas onto an erratic disk orbiting the other star. NGC 7027, about 3,000 light years away, was first discovered in 1878 and can be seen with a standard backyard telescope toward the constellation of the Swan (Cygnus).

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day:

When the lake calmed down, many wonders of the land and sky appeared twice. Perhaps the most dramatic from the dark sky was the central band of our Milky Way Galaxy, visible as a diagonal band. Toward the right were both the Small (SMC) and Large (LMC) Magellanic Clouds, satellite galaxies of our Milky Way. Faint multicolored bands of airglow fanned across the night. Numerous bright stars were visible including Antares, while the bright planet Jupiter appears just above the image center. The featured image is a composite of exposures all taken from the same camera and from the same location within 30 minutes in mid-May from the shore of Lake Bonney Riverland in South Australia. Dead trees that extend from the lake were captured not only in silhouette, but reflection, while lights from the small town of Barmera were visible across the lake. In July, Jupiter and Saturn will rise toward the east just as the Sun sets in the west.

Photo by Will Godward

Where do you go,
when your mind goes away?
You won't tell me
and will only say,
"I don't remember,
I no longer know how,
for my mind is gone now."
You recall nothing of our married life.
Neither the happiness or the strife.
I miss you so, my darling one
and dread the day when you won't come,
back from this place where you go.
If you do, I can only hope you say hello.

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day:

What are those spots on Jupiter? Largest and furthest, just right of center, is the Great Red Spot -- a huge storm system that has been raging on Jupiter possibly since Giovanni Cassini's likely notation of it 355 years ago. It is not yet known why this Great Spot is red. The spot toward the lower left is one of Jupiter's largest moons: Europa. Images from Voyager in 1979 bolster the modern hypothesis that Europa has an underground ocean and is therefore a good place to look for extraterrestrial life. But what about the dark spot on the upper right? That is a shadow of another of Jupiter's large moons: Io. Voyager 1 discovered Io to be so volcanic that no impact craters could be found. Sixteen frames from Voyager 1's flyby of Jupiter in 1979 were recently reprocessed and merged to create the featured image. About 43 years ago, Voyager 1 launched from Earth and started one of the greatest explorations of the Solar System ever. Free Download: Voyager Posters

I am not afraid of dying.
It is not my fear.
I am afraid for our Country
and if we will be here, next year.

The man in charge
has fled the scene.
Worried about his re-election,
his thoughts are obscene.
Why, after many months,
the data you scan,
have you not taken action,
you still have no plan.

The loss of life as the Pandemic began,
became greater because there was no plan.
Reacting to your gut instinct,
caused our Nation to begin to sink.
You have no sense, you aren't a man.
you're just a blowhard and a Charlatan.
Why people like you no matter what,
is beyond me for a God you are not.

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day:

The dark shadow of the New Moon reached out and touched planet Earth on June 21. A high definition camera outside the International Space Station captured its passing in this snapshot from low Earth orbit near the border of Kazakhstan and China. Of course those along the Moon's central shadow track below could watch the much anticipated annular eclipse of the Sun. In the foreground a cargo spacecraft is docked with the orbital outpost. It's the H-II Transfer Vehicle-9 from JAXA the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. Gallery: Notable images of the Annular Solar Eclipse of 2020 June submitted to APOD

I saw the Canlis Restaurant was having a "Drive In" event, $50 per car for
food and munchies and as I recall a movie. Clever way to offset the loss of business.

This reminded me of a long ago event, in another time and another life.
I worked for a large Corporation who would have Sales Events for "Big Ticket" appliances.
Big ticket in this explanation probably related to the Selling of Washers and Dryers, or in
Department 26, which all the Laundry products were in.
Our organization would set up sales quotas by Region. Ours was the Seattle Region. The
awards for these kind of events was National recognition with a special Award Dinner for the
participating staff. Best performance, etc. These would generally be for Sales Staff, Buyers of
the merchandise and other support staff.

I recall one such event, that did involve Laundry equipment. Seattle won the National Award
and we were to arrange for a nice celebration with cocktails, appetizers, dinner and desserts.
The National Merchandiser would be present to award the Winning staff. The restaurant of
choice, was the Canlis.

My immediate Boss, the Regional Sales Superintendent, (we like long worded job descriptions)
informed me that I as the Operations Manager, to go to the Cashiers office and get $3500, in
in cash and pay the bill after the dinner. There were approximately 40 staff in attendance.
Please keep in mind that this was in the late 60's or early 70's and prices were a lot

I went to the Cashiers office with the appropriate, Funds Request and received the cash, which I
put into a safe place. The time arrived and off to the Canlis went the 40.
There was an open bar, with appetizers.

Eventually we went to the tables for the excellent Canlis Dinner. After dinner, before the awards
and congratulatory speeches, the National Merchandiser, said, " After dinner drinks and cigars
for all those who desire. That was probably everyone in the building.

After all of the congratulations and awards were done a waiter appeared at my
Boss' shoulder with the bill. My Boss pointed at me and said, "He'll take care of it."
I reviewed the bill, cleared my throat and said, " I believe I am a little short" for the
bill was approximately $4500. The waiter, without hesitation, said, "Not a problem, Sir,
we will just bill you." I signed the bill and returned home with all the cash. Driving
carefully on the way to our home on the Eastside. I only had to drive back to Seattle
in the morning and hand the $3500 back to the Cashier.

Great memories for me. I hope you enjoyed this little story.

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Carl • 06/27/2020 at 11:43AM • Like 1 Profile

Nice story. When I moved to Seattle in 82, Canlis was recommended and went there a few times. I remember the car attendants did not ask you for a name but always knew which car was yours when you came out.