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Mr. President, you talk big right now but you must know that the overwhelming majority of the citizens of our country, believe you have failed us in so many many ways that sometimes we think it is nothing but a bad dream.  You continue to do all you can to divide us and to create turmoil. For most of us now, it is not about politics anymore, it is about the survival of our country, our freedoms, the well being of our families, and the future of our children and future generations.

As I see it. the time has come for you to consider one of these three alternatives:

 - Resign now. Make up a story, you are good at that. About 40% of the people may believe it

 - Declare that you will not seek or accept another term (see making up a story above) 

 - Run for another term and get ready to be defeated by a landslide “the likes of which has never been seen before”

      You get to decide Mr. President.  I hope you make the right decision for our country.

    I sense the air. It's a new smell.
    Is it the fear of losing the election?
    It is now very hard to tell.
    Running scared, will do that too,
    no matter how trying it is to you.
    You are a loser, POTUS, Donald Trump,
    full of hot air and quite the chump.
    You have a mess; you really do.
    A piece of work; all about you.

    It may not be the virus,
    I cannot see,
    but it may be
    the visible enemy.
    I believe that is you,
    POTUS or Don John,
    Public Enemy, number one.

    Federal troops,
    Brown shirts to me,
    violating the citizens

    With your shoulders
    make them shrug,
    for now you behave
    like a big time thug.

    Maricá, near Rio de Janeiro, is using its own digital currency to fund one of the world's largest basic income programs.......Read More

    Rest of World is an international nonprofit journalism organization covering "the surprising and complex effects of technology outside the US and Europe"

    For a generation, Republicans have tried to unravel the activist government under which Americans have lived since the 1930s, when Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt created a government that regulated business, provided a basic social safety net, and invested in infrastructure. From the beginning, that government was enormously popular. Both Republicans and Democrats believed that the principle behind it—that the country worked best when government protected and defended ordinary Americans—was permanent..........Read More

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    Carl • 07/27/2020 at 02:21PM • Like 1 Profile

    An excellent and comprehensive overview of the historical political process in our country. It highlights how much has been destroyed since the 1920's until today and how much we have to do. Please read it and remember it when you vote. We are running out of time....

    Some kind of stupid,
    if you still say,
    things are better now
    in the U S of A.
    So many lives lost.
    So much to do.
    Now you say,
    your working on
    a strategy too.
    It's been almost
    one half a year
    and the only thing
    is you, I fear.
    What kind of person?
    What kind of man?
    Are you saying now,
    you have a plan?

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    Loy • 07/23/2020 at 11:16PM • Like 1 Profile

    You got your mojo back! :)

    Just as the number of people hospitalized for COVID-19 approaches new highs in some parts of the country, hospital data in Kansas and Missouri is suddenly incomplete or missing.

    The Missouri Hospital Association reports that it no longer has access to the data it uses to guide state coronavirus mitigation efforts, and Kansas officials say their hospital data may be delayed.

    The Trump administration this week directed hospitals to change how they report data to the federal government and how that data will be made available.

    In an email, Missouri Hospital Association spokesperson Dave Dillon called the move “a major disruption.”

    “All evidence suggests that Missouri’s numbers are headed in the wrong direction,” Dillon said. “And, for now, we will have very limited situational awareness. That’s all very bad news.”

    The absence of the data will make it harder for health and public officials, as well as the general public, to understand how the virus is spreading.

    “It’s hugely problematic,” said Dr. Karen Maddox, a public health researcher at Washington University in St. Louis. “The only way that we know where things are going up and where things are going down and where we need to be putting resources and where we need to be planning is because of those data.”

    The White House instructed hospitals to report data to the Department of Health and Human Services through a new system created by a Pennsylvania-based company, TeleTracking, instead of to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    The directive came as a surprise to hospitals, according to Kansas Hospital Association spokesperson Cindy Samuelson.

    “From our perspective, these changes are big,” Samuelson said. “We only found out Tuesday, and we had to update the data by Wednesday night — so, less than 48 hours.”

    The Missouri Hospital Association currently does not have access to the new HHS system, according to Dillon. He said the new system is also significantly different from the CDC system.

    “The new datasets for reporting are not identical and in several cases are ill-defined,” Dillon said. “That has complicated hospitals’ efforts.”

    In the wake of the announcement, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services posted a notice on its website this week that the daily and weekly updates on hospitals, including the numbers of people hospitalized and the availability of standard hospital beds, ICU beds and ventilators, would be temporarily halted.

    “Missouri Hospital Association (MHA) and the State of Missouri will be unable to access critical hospitalization data during the transition. While we are working to collect interim data, situational awareness will be limited,” the notice on the department’s website says.

    Dillon said the hospital association hopes to have “within a few days or weeks” hospital and coronavirus data that had been available through the CDC.

    “However, in the short term, we’ll be very much in the dark,” Dillon said.

    The hospital association will create an alternative reporting system for hospitals, according to Dillon, and plans to continue producing weekly reports, despite the uncertainty about data.

    The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services did not respond to inquiries regarding the data.

    Kansas health officials are still able to access hospital and coronavirus data through the CDC and TeleTracking, according to Kansas Department of Health and Environment spokesperson Kristi Zears.

    However, Kansas Hospital Association spokesperson Samuelson said the Kansas hospital data may be delayed if it is incomplete.

    “If we’re not able to get a bulk of our members converted and uploading, I’m not sure we want to show it because then it will look like things have gotten a lot better,” Samuelson said.

    The most recent data shows that as of July 12, 875 Missourians were hospitalized with COVID-19, among the highest reported numbers since an early May peak of 984. Kansas’ most recent data shows 1,393 people have been hospitalized with the disease.

    The Trump administration said the reporting change was needed due to reporting delays and other problems with the CDC.

    But the move has been widely criticized for being disruptive, especially as COVID-19 infection numbers reach new highs and hospitals in some areas of the country are reaching capacity.

    “By now, we should have a foolproof, streamlined reporting system for COVID,” Maddox said. “And this change — midstream — is not going to do anything to help our ability to fight the disease.”

    This story is part of a partnership that includes KCUR, NPR and Kaiser Health News.

    Kaiser Health News (KHN) is a national health policy news service. It is an editorially independent program of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation which is not affiliated with Kaiser Permanente.

    John Robert Lewis - (February 21, 1940 - July 17, 2020) American civil rights leader and politician. He was the U.S. Representative for Georgia's 5th congressional district from 1987 until his death in 2020.

    The good old days are now gone.
    The lives lost in this virus run,
    Be they daughter, husband, wife or son.
    A much too early return to work
    Or the open a business, to crowds,
    Was poor judgement, if it was used.
    It now appears the citizens were confused,
    As our leader, said it will be gone
    In mid April, when it is warm.
    Wrong again, with your guessing game,
    As you violate any sense of reason.
    Not wearing a mask. It is your claim
    The petulant child you; are to blame.
    May Karma grab you by your shirt
    And plant your face into the dirt.

    I pray to the heavens.
    I utter no sound,
    For my prayer in
    Words, cannot be found.
    I pray for the souls
    Of those struck down,
    By the virus, Pro-vid 19;
    One of the words pandemic
    The World has ever seen.
    What do we do?
    Where do we stand
    When it has been months
    And there still is no Plan.
    No plan from the current regime,
    Who doesn't care one little ounce,
    But looks only at the Stock market bounce.
    A terrible choice, at least to me
    As the decisions made, lives in infamy.

    Blow ye hard, wind of mine.
    Rid this nation of hate entwine.
    Flee from here, you shameful man,
    Inciting divisions as only you can.

    Accept not the blame for your act.
    Keep up your lies, untruth and fact.
    Run this Fall, if you must.
    How to do when there is no trust?

    Let all the citizens; let them see
    The full extent of your own hypocrisy.
    Run for re-election and when you fail,
    Perhaps the next place is Federal jail.

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