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How one man went from attending President Barack Obama’s inauguration to dying in the mob protesting Donald Trump’s election loss during the Capitol insurrection.............. Read the full article at ProPublica

Time to get up
and ready to go,
out the door,
off to the show.
What is it you said?
There isn't a game,
for they have been stopped.
The virus is to blame,
so take a long hike.
There's somewhere to go.
Starting your walk
for a crazy new blow
of subjecting your life,
during the remaining days,
when our minds are clouded
by the vacuum, the Government will say
'Not as much vaccine, is your plight".
Has politics entered this fray?
When will this administration
just leave and go away?

Is this life now over?
Has it fallen apart?
Will the virus which romps,
Bringing many a sad heart?
So many lives gone,
Too many to see,
As the Commander in Chief,
Is nowhere to be,
Taking control of a plant,
Instead of sulking,
With his Ego apart.
Too bad he doesn't have
An empathetic heart.

I understand the expediency of
the action taken, I do. But using
a broad brush to apply regulations
to a large business and small
will ruin the small merchants
and contribute to them failing.
A large business has deep pockets,
obtaining loans from the banks.
A small business does not.
Our retail solution, our tax base,
could be the saving grace,
for the economy.
We see it daily. We see it now.
Where is the relief? When you
kill the chicken, don't expect
it to lay eggs.
The rules of the past, are not working
anymore. We must provide assistance.
Do it now. You haven't.
The small business is hurting and the
school system too. What are you
thinking? Bring business's together,
to develop rules, which will work.
Not the flawed logic, you're using today.


Posted by MFish Posted on 12/27/2020 at 06:59AM Government See more by MFish

Why are the children in this land
in pain and hunger? I don't understand,
why the politicians, look away
and forgo a relief bill on this day.
The loss of jobs, the loss of life,
has come to this prosperous land.
Is this "Making America Great Again?"
Where is our leader? It's his command,
yet he disappears. A cowardly chump.
Come on Donald or Don John Trump.
Your are weak, of this we see.
A failure now in our history.

Write not the words,
your thoughts or your deeds,
for no one in Government
seems to care about your needs.
A Co-vid relief check
in March it was sent.
I didn't choose to leave work.
You shut down our employers.
The responsibility you shirk,
while you argue in Congress therein
when both parties behave like a jerk.
What you do to the citizens is a sin.
Now, get back to work during
the governments failure, in the din
and help all the citizens recover,
a way which was lost,
Provide the needed relief,
no matter the cost.

Spin the wheel.
Spin it well,
we're caught in the cycle
of an economic Hell.
We've found the right method
to destroy the tax base,
just keep your distance,
and mask up your face.
You need to provide relief.
You must do it now,
for many a small business
will take their last breath.
An economic change,
the slow spiral of economic death.

There once was a life.
It was here before,
outside the window,
outside the door.
It is happening now,
it is happening again
because of the stupidity
and the ignorance of a man.
How many lives do we,
know, we'll soon lose?
The idiocy of the question
is, what do we choose?
"It's all rumor, a Democratic hoax."
After all the deaths we've had,
Is it now a big joke?
You're quite ignorant Mister Trump.
It is what you are.
You should be in jail,
after Due Process of course,
for the criminal you are.

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