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Long Grew

Posted by MFish Profile 08/24/21 at 11:31PM Share Environment See more by MFish

Long, grew the ferns
in the forest, fine,
amongst the tall giants,
dwarfing the land.
A perpetual shroud of moss
on the rocks and trees.
The trickle of water,
down partial grooves
of a grassy scene,
becoming torrents of water,
white as it boiled
across the rocky bed,
flowing to the river,
from creek to stream,
to an ocean.
As moving water, makes it's way,
via sound and bay, moving
slowly, on it's way to
refresh the Earth,
as Mother Nature reclaims the land.

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MFish • 08/25/2021 at 11:17PM • Like Profile

Thank you.

First comes the light
of a glowing dawn.
Look then to the grass,
which is very brown.
Green the color seen
in the Spring
is gone away, after a
Summer swing.
Look for objects with
a lingering dew.
I know you will find them,
you always do..
When sunbeams hit the
window pane,
the heat is intense
as if a flame.
Linger not long
in this climate shame.

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