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Posted by MFishProfile 02/18/18 at 10:57PM Poetry See more by MFish

With my hand, laid gently
on your breast,
I draw the strength from
your body.
Your thoughts, become my thoughts,
your moods, my moods,
as we become one.
One being, coupled together,
through loves own passion.
A short lived, fleeting moment,
much too brief.
Loves ardor, now gone,
for the moment.


Posted by MFishProfile 02/17/18 at 11:06PM Poetry See more by MFish

All twilight people are coming forth,
to make their presence known.
Arriving by the evening breeze,
tossed and turning, they have flown
to be present for the witching hour.
They dance lightly, in the air,
rhythmically jerking by hidden string
as transistors, in their voice box,
causes them to sing,
a mournful ditty.


Posted by MFishProfile 02/16/18 at 11:15PM Poetry See more by MFish

Who are you child,
who sits on my knee,
all dressed in purple and brown?
What is this riddle,
you just told to me,
about elephants, monkeys and clowns?
Your tale of visions
conjures, up in my mind,
a picture of events, yet to be
and reminds me of a day,
many, long years ago,
when it was I who sat on a knee.