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Bellevue, WA Community

Trapped within, held without,
Love for one another,
Don't you know? Can't you see,
He will be your brother?

Black, yellow, brown or white,
Mixed among all others,
Loving you, loving me,
They are all our brothers.

Sons and daughters, everyone,
Offspring, of all mothers,
You can be, what you will be,
They are all our brothers.
When we have love and trust
And respect, for each other,
I will say to you my friend,
Yes, I am your brother.

Gone, forever, from our sight,
Gone, to be no more.
Long remember those,
Who were here before.
Be proud to know,
They did not die in vain.
We are here, because
They cared, to give their lives
For those, yet unborn,
For those, yet unknown.
There are those, who will take a dream
And build, for a brighter morrow,
Have faith for there are those,
Among us, who will carry forward,
That which we believe in
And that we work for.