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My mind is filled with clutter
like the top of someone's desk.
Do you suppose or I propose,
please don't call me today.
It's meeting time,
go stand in line
and hurry up!
But wait!
Go get in line
one more time,
as if we're all darn sheep.

Pollution is in everything,
we eat, breathe, drink,
hear and see.
Keep in mind the
things we do,
on every working day,
like filing words on paper
with thoughts that are past.
It would be nice to
be with you
or even run away,
to some forgotten,
Native place
where all adults
can play
while children work
to support the rich
and you and I
can stay
and spend a happy
hour or two
and never go away
from each other.
For friends are welcome
all the time.

I told you my mind was
a clutter,
I just didn't say,
I would utter,
all these thoughts
to thee.

2018 será el año donde mis metas serán alcanzadas, ya no más con los brazos cruzados, ha llegado el momento de explorar nuevos horizontes, vivir la vida al máximo porque cuando muera nada me llevo solo recuerdos, y quiero que seas bien vividos. / 2018 will be the year where my goals will be reached, no longer with my arms crossed, the time has come to explore new horizons, live life to the fullest because when I die, nothing takes me only memories, and I want you to be well lived.

Experience an evening that stimulates your senses!  - Join us at Woodhouse Wine Estates for an evening of wine, food, music and more, all to support the American Cancer Society's signature fundraising event Relay For Life.   

Admission includes 5 wine and food pairings at the event. Wine also available for purchase with proceeds benefiting the American Cancer Society. Admission includes entrance with 5 wine tastings from Woodhouse Winery with food pairings provided by Lombardi's and live music. Must be 21+ to attend. Click here to learn more and purchase tickets

Lusio Light artists will be weaving their light art installations throughout the entire Conservatory. Walk the plant displays after dark and see the rare, tropical plants come to life with light! Stop into the Bromeliad House bar to grab a drink to take with you while you wander, or head to the Seasonal House to boogie down to the DJs. Click for more information about the event and tickets

While travelling on distant paths,
I met a man like me,
who was searching for a
brand new world
and trying to be free.

This man was old and couldn't see,
what laid beyond the bend
and he asked me, very graciously,
if I would be his friend.
As we wandered down the path
of life's rough and rocky shore,
I didn't like his manner
and found him quite the bore,
at least he was to me.

He loves or hates most people
but mostly he doesn't trust
because he's insecure.
He criticizes quite freely
and never lets you be.
I knew I didn't like him
when I found out he was me.

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