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Posted by MFish

Get out! Get out! Get away from here
You are attacking the one I hold dear.
The basic habits she has done before
Are slowly, so slowly, not there any more.
Simple tasks, that are done, day after day
Have escaped her mind and gone away.
I'm sorry to say and do with a sigh,
This is the first time I have seen her cry.
I can't imagine what it is like for she
What this disease has done for her memory.

No more cries, ere the
morning light.
No more whys of this
present plight.
No more random talks
without a notion.
No more discussion
with no emotions.
No more ringing
of the bell.
No more consideration,
gone to hell.
No more talks,
about anything.
No more happiness,
will it bring.
No more of life,
we know today.
No more my wife,
who will go away.

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