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Posted by MFish

I love these mornings, clear and bright
That makes great sleeping, most every night.
The only bad, that I can say,
Is, most the flowers, have gone away.
But nature has, a cure for this,
When leaf's bright colors, provide bliss.
There is nothing better, I can see
Then the many colors, brightening a tree.

There is much delight
watching Nature perform
it's tasks of preparation
for the upcoming Spring.
To see new bulbs
poking through the dirt;
observing the new buds
on branches, so bare,
makes me thankful
to be on this earth,
where there will soon be
beautiful plants and flowers
and of course, lest I forget,
the Hellebores, have been
in bloom for a month.
Thank you Lord for
giving me one more
year on the land.

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