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Posted by MFish

I love these mornings, clear and bright
That makes great sleeping, most every night.
The only bad, that I can say,
Is, most the flowers, have gone away.
But nature has, a cure for this,
When leaf's bright colors, provide bliss.
There is nothing better, I can see
Then the many colors, brightening a tree.

I awaken to the sounds, at night
Of crying, silently to ease the plight
And realize that the noise I hear
Is coming from someone so near.
I move my hand and then I feel
The tears on my cheeks, are real.
Stop it! I say, in my Father's word
You're a Big Boy and don't be heard.
But at night when there is little sound
There's no one there, no one around.
The pain; knowing the loss will take
Helps me not, for when I awake,
I know that this time of ours
Will soon only be up in the Stars.

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