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Posted by MFish

The days of yore, my good friend,
Those days we thought, would never end,
Are long gone now, but still remain,
To remind us, of times gone by,
When we tried hard, not to die.
But now my friend, as we approach senility,
The last of this life's own finality,
Was it worth, the risk and fame,
To hope the world, recalls our name?

I am fascinated by an old car.
A Model S2000, from Honda you see,
Get's the blood pressure up, for me.
Not too practical for me, to be at
But reminds me when I had my Fiat.
A Fiat Spyder, Model one twenty four,
French Blue in color, four on the floor.
A convertible top with two latches to click.
I could drop the top, sitting in traffic.
A great toy, that I did really enjoy.
The S2000's I see, makes be feel like a boy.

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