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Posted by MFish

Some times, I need to just write, babble, trying to get the mind back to verse. The following has
no special meaning, to me personally. It is my way to clear my head. Hopefully it will work.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Are you the one,
I may be looking for?
Do you always make
My heart soar?
Would it be wrong,
If we had met before?
Or can I relate,
To an upcoming date,
Of what the future
Will bring, without knowing,
What I am looking for?
Is it a release to be,
Looking in every open door,
At someone, I've met before
Or is it, just a frustration,
That springs from days of yore?
How will I know,
When it's time to go,
To seek someone,
From youthful adoration,
That won't cause,
A big sensation.
Ask me not,
For I don't know
And hope that I can,
Let my feelings go.

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