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Sunday, April 8, 2018 is the date of our next shop dive, which will be
at the Edmonds Underwater Park. This will be a 2-tank dive, planning to
splash at 7:30 for dive 1. This shop dive is open to all levels of
certification. Edmonds is a huge (20+ acre) shallow (less than 45')
marine park, so be prepared for maximum bottom time. If you are coming
from the Kitsap Peninsula, plan on being on the 6:25 Kingston ferry.
Call 360-373-6141 or stop by the shop to sign up. Please remember to TIP
your Dive Master (they do not get paid, and do these dives to help
promote the sport). $5 to $10 per dive is standard. Gear rental is
discounted for shop dives.

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