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What If.......

Posted by Dicere Profile 06/01/24 at 04:42PM Share Public Interest See more by Dicere

What if...... The 70 plus years of occupation and control of the West Bank and Gaza have become the norm and we may have lost the ability to see it as a struggle for justice, liberty, life, and peace. A struggle, that gets hijacked by hatred and extremism on both sides.
What if.... We could reject anti-Semitic and anti-Palestinian actions as well as extremism and bigotry as we strive for two homes for two people to live and prosper in peace and cooperation.
What if.... The freedom and safety of Jewish Israelis and the freedom and safety of Christian and Muslim Palestinians are not mutually exclusive — in fact, they are secured through co-existence.
What if..... We could work together to make this happen?

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