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Posted by Specola

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day:

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary, O'er volumes of astronomy and forgotten lore, I stumbled upon this snapshot, cosmic and eerie, A sight that filled my heart with awe and more. Two stars, like sentinels, anchored the foreground, Of our Milky Way galaxy, a sight to behold, Beyond them, a cluster of Hydra, galaxies abound, 100 million light-years away, a story to be told. Three large galaxies, ellipticals and a spiral blue, Dominant and grand, each 150,000 light-years wide, But it was the overlapping pair that caught my view, Cataloged as NGC 3314, a sight I cannot hide. Abell 1060, the Hydra galaxy cluster's name, One of three large galaxy clusters close to our Milky Way, A universe bound by gravity, a celestial game, Where clusters align over larger scales, I cannot sway. At a distance of 100 million light-years, this snapshot's size, 1.3 million light-years across, a cosmic delight, A momentary glimpse into the universe's guise, But even this shall fade, and be nevermore in sight.

Photo by Marco Lorenzi

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