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Jul 03 2022 8:00 pm – 8:00 pm San Diego Civic Theatre 3rd & B St. San Diego, CA, 92101 View A Map to This Event View This Event

All Balcony seats require stairs. Civic Theatre is a cashless venue. This applies to all ticket sales, food & beverage purchases, and binocular rentals. All ages must have own ticket. No Cameras or Recording allowed. Any re-prints/ re-issued barcodes for tickets not printed/ downloaded prior to arriving at the venue will incur a $5 Green Fee-- this includes tickets not properly printed/downloaded. Your Seat locations and Barcodes must be clearly visible. Due to security enhancements, please arrive at least 45-60 minutes prior to event time. Please only bring essential items with you. The Civic Theatre will only permit bags that are 12"x12" or smaller. Any bags/backpacks that are larger in size will need to be returned to the owners vehicle or disposed of. Please refer to for further info

Giving Kids in Need the Chance to Read
  Non-profit organization - Seattle, WA

Powered by Volunteers | 360-794-7959

Hunger impacts all of us | 360-435-1631

Snohomish, Skagit and Island County

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