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A picnic table without pasta salad feels like something is missing. This Pasta and Bean Picnic Salad is a spin on classic pasta salad with a white beans, fresh summer vegetables, and a light vinaigrette. No mayo. Click the Image below to see Sheryl Julian's recipe on "Simply Recipes"


A light, bright healthy pasta salad loaded with fresh corn, cherry tomatoes, red onion, and avocado tossed in a cool cilantro-lime dressing! Perfect for a potluck, picnic, or backyard barbeque! Click to read the recipe

This recipe gives you tender carnitas for tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and many other Mexican dishes. Make it in the Instant Pot or pressure cooker! It will take about half the time of other recipes. Click the Image below to see Coco Morante's recipe on "Simply Recipes"

Marinated meats grilled over glowing coals. Satays are a popular Southeast Asian street food and are often served as a restaurant appetizer here in the States. Make your own homemade chicken satay at home in just minutes. Click the image below to read Sally Vargas' recipe  at Simply Recipes

Ripe avocados, salt, a squeeze of lime, chiles, onions, some chopped tomato and cilantro. It makes for a great dip or served on top of tacos or enchiladas. Click the image below to see Elise Bauer's recipe at Simply Recipes

A classic Louisiana stew made with shrimp, the Holy Trinity of onion, celery, and green pepper, and a simple roux to thicken it up. Serve it over rice for a true Cajun meal! Click to read Hank Shaw Recipe at Simply Recipes

A classic Italian soup of beans and short pasta with tomatoes and vegetables with many variations. Click the image below to read Hank Shaw's recipe  at Simply Recipes

A popular Chinese take-out menu item in the U.S.— A stir-fry made with rice noodles, lots of crisp vegetables, shrimp, strips of ham, and scrambled eggs. and Curry powder as seasoning. Click the image below to see Sheryl Julian's recipe on Simply Recipes

The Grill...It belongs up on a pedestal, with heavenly, freedom-flavored beams of light streaming around it. Sure, other countries have grills, and they do some juicy, gorgeous things with ’em, but the grill is also an American institution. 

It’s up there with apple pie, cold beer, Thanksgiving and the Super Bowl...........Continue reading

Savor these Indian-inspired lentil burgers with cilantro chutney and expand your options of vegetarian dishes. Click the image below to read Sally Vargas's recipe  at Simply Recipes

Easy Salmon Salad! - Poached salmon is gently tossed with celery, red onions, capers, and dill and is perfect for a brunch or light lunch. Click the image below to read Elise Bauer's recipe  at Simply Recipes

Instant Pot Pot Roast saves some time from the oven-cooked and slow cooker methods. You can also cook the veggies right in the pot, making it an easy one-pot meal. Click the image below to see Coco Morante's recipe at Simply Recipes

Puerto Rican Salmorejo  is a treat for anyone who loves crab! Traditionally an all-day family affair, buying lump crab meat means you can have this hearty stew and rice on the table in about a half an hour. Click the image below to read Marta Rivera's recipe at Simply Recipes

Cook your steak on your stovetop in the comfort of your own kitchen and get a restaurant-quality results. The secret to success is a hot skillet, a good exhaust fan, and a butter and herb baste at the end. Click the image below to see Aaron Hutcherson's at Simply Recipes

This Avocado Tuna Salad uses creamy avocado instead of mayo for a fresh and easy twist on the classic. Complement it with Red onion and celery. Lemon juice gives it some zing. Click the Image below to read Elise Bauer's recipe at Simply Recipes

Cooking meat on the grill is one of life’s top-tier satisfactions. Not only is it fun and absorbing to do, the results, if you get them right, enhance your day, your week........... Continue reading 

This vegetarian version, while not the same as a traditional Bolognese, provides every bit as much flavor and texture as the meat version. Serve it over spaghetti, fettuccini, linguine, or pappardelle noodles. Click the image below to read Sally Vargas' recipe  at Simply Recipes

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