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Gravlax is a Scandinavian specialty. It's very similar to lox, the deli counter favorite, but gravlax is usually cured with spices and fresh herbs (unlike lox, which is left plain). Gravlax is also never smoked. The process doesn’t take long (15-minute prep, 2-day cure in the fridge) and it is great for a fancy brunch or dinner party. CClick to read Sheryl Julian's recipe

Dakos Salad is a specialty Greek salad made with fresh tomatoes, feta, capers, onion, oregano, and basil. You get the taste of summer all in one bite. It can made in a few different forms. Either served like an Italian bruschetta with the tomatoes and cheese crumbled on top of rusks (savory biscuits), or deconstructed into a salad. Click to read Yasmin's Khan's recipe r

This recipe uses whole grain mustard to create a creamy and tangy pasta sauce tossed with asparagus, Italian sausage, and strozzapreti, It is a quick and easy weeknight meal. Click to read the recipe

Quick and easy spaghetti pasta with clams recipe for busy cooks - Minced clams,  clam juice, white wine, olive oil, and garlic. It takes about 30 minutes. Click the image below to see Elise Bauer's home family recipe at Simply recipes

"Food wastage is a global problem, and we all have a part to play in reducing it. As consumers, we throw away too much food. But much of our produce is wasted even before entering our supermarkets or homes.... There’s much more to food wastage than simply the spoiled vegetables in your trash". How much food do we waste, What is the worldwide impact and ? ...Read the eye opening statistics to help you understand the true cost of this waste, who is most responsible and how we can help to resolve it.... Read more

Yellow split pea soup with Indian curry spices. Bright, flavorful, and filling! Vegetarian and gluten-free. As winter soups go, split pea is definitely in the stick-to-your-ribs category. Click the Image below to see Sheryl Julian's recipe at "Simply Recipes"

You can make this Easy Pork Fried Rice any time of the year thanks to frozen vegetables. Add them straight from the freezer to your skillet.  Want to use frozen rice? That makes dinner even easier! - A little planning is required because of the pork. Click to read Nick Evans' recipe 

A beef stroganoff recipe with tender strips of beef and mushrooms cooked in sour cream and served over noodles. Made with Elise Bauer's version of beef stroganoff sauce. Click the image below to see the recipe at Simply Recipes

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