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Posted by MFish Profile 08/03/22 at 09:01PM Share Poetry See more by MFish

To love,
to laugh,
to cry, again,
to feel,
to know
you have a friend.
To say
the words,
so often
not said,
"I love
you so"
is what
she spoke.
Stay here
with me,
one night,
more, for
I need
you more
then I
can say.
If you
cannot stay
I will
show you
the door.
Goodbye love,
perhaps we
will meet
once again.
Unti then,
let us be
just friends.

I waited on
In the late autumn moonlight,
A train droning out of thought—

The mind on moonlight
And on trains.

Blind as a thread of water
Stirring through a cold like dust,
Lonely beyond all silence

And humming this to children,
The nostalgic listeners in sleep,

Because no guardian
Strides through distance upon distance,
His eyes a web of sleep.

Yvor Winters, (1900 - 1968), was an American poet, literary critic and professor. Winters was the author of many books. He married the poet and novelist Janet Lewis in 1926. He was awarded the 1961 Bollingen Prize for Poetry for his Collected Poems. Read more

“The Moonlight” was published in Secession no. 7 (Winter, 1924).This poem is in the public domain.

A good friends Mother,
left the World today.
She lived in a Country,
so far away.
a foreign country,
on the Mediterranean Sea.
A beautiful country,
she will no longer see.
Rest in peace, where
you will surely be.

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Loy • 07/30/2022 at 11:23AM • Like Profile

Very nice poem

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MFish • 07/30/2022 at 09:03PM • Like Profile

Thank you, Loy

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