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When I think of my father,
Who passed on long ago,
I strive to remember
The tone of his voice,
its cadence, its timbre,
To connect with his soul.

But it pains me to say
That his voice is no more,
No more in my mind.
So, I wonder anew,
Will I ever remember?
Or will the sadness ensue?

All Copyright rights are reserved: Calob 2021

My Father​

Posted by Calob Profile 06/21/20 at 01:29PM Share Poetry Public Interest See more by Calob

Your life was short
And you left me early
One day you were here
The next day you were gone
And life was never the same

Perhaps you thought
I would not remember
Lessons you taught me
About right and wrong
About love and respect

But I remember them all
Like it happened yesterday
They helped define me
And will be with me always
In my heart, right next to you

All Copyright rights reserved: Calob 2020

A Comment by MFish

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MFish • 06/22/2020 at 10:38PM • Like 2 Profile

Nicely done. A good memory.