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I-5k - Seattle, WA - September 30th 2018 12am to 11:30pm

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I-5k: A race that goes further than 3.1 miles...

Description: A free 5k run/walk event designed to raise awareness for The American Cancer Society and The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Date: Sunday, September 30, 2018

Time: Download Strava on your phone and join the I-5k club. On race day, use Strava to record your run. Race data must be uploaded by 11:59 PST.

Location: You pick. Awards will be given for unique destinations. We can’t wait to see where you end up! Our event might be based in Seattle, but this 5k can be run all over the globe.

Team/Individual: You can run/walk your 5k with friends or go solo! An award will be given to the largest group of runners/walkers.

Don’t want to run or walk, but still want to donate?

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The KIDFITSTRONG Fitness Challenge is the nations largest mobile fitness event traveling from coast-to-coast dedicated to keeping kids active and healthy. At the KIDFITSTRONG Fitness Challenge, kids of all ages get the opportunity to flex their physical fitness by participating in a completion-based obstacle course designed to challenge speed, strength, agility and overall physical fitness. The event is FREE to the public and features a variety of activities for the whole family to enjoy including active gaming fun for all ages and on-site programming designed to inspire kids and families to live a more active and healthy lifestyle!

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The Kent Soda Mile returns for its fifth biannual race!

The Kent Soda Mile Mid-Winter Classic!

New this year:

* Prizes for the top competitors

* Custom Race Bibs

* T-Shirts (More info to come later)

Click here to register

SAM LIGHTS IS FREE, FUN, & FAMILY FRIENDLY - Brighten your winter with a luminous evening stroll through the Olympic Sculpture Park. Experience the wonder of the iconic sculptures in the park lit with the glow of luminaria. Make art, listen to music, sip a hot drink, grab a sweet bite, and take in the sights. Come dressed in your best light-inspired ensemble and become a part of the night!

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