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Please join us for an evening of delicious vegan food, libations, and raffles to raise money for vet care!

For the month of April No Bones Beach Club - PDX is graciously donating a portion of their sales to Out to Pasture and it could not be at a better time with all the female pigs we have been rehoming. Before we adopt out or rehome a female pig, we have them spayed ($600+ each) to reduce their chance of cancer.

On Thursday, April 26, we will be tabling from 5-8pm with lit and merch including t-shirts and photos by the incredibly talented Beth Redwood. Come say hi and find out more about our residents, adoption/rehoming program, and upcoming summer events! 

Interested in donating to our raffle? Contact us at Thank you! :)

The Ellensburg Rodeo is one of the “old rodeos” and has earned its place as one of America’s Top 10 professional rodeos.  The Ellensburg Rodeo also hosts the World Finale of PRCA’s Xtreme Bulls Tour. Started in 1923 with the same volunteer spirit that still “fuels the fire” of today’s volunteers, the rodeo has grown from a local competition among ranch hands to the Professional event of today with over 600 contestants and prize money in excess of $400,000!

Today’s best riders, ropers, and wrestlers compete in what many consider to be the best rodeo arena in the nation. The Friday night opening performance starts in the evening and ends under the stars. The Saturday and Sunday afternoon “perfs” feel electrically charged by the brilliant blue sky. It all leads up to the Labor Day Monday Championship Finals… the best of the best dueling in the dirt!

80 years of Trains, Timber, Tradition

Originally organized by volunteer firefighters in 1939, Snoqualmie Railroad Days is an annual festival in Snoqualmie, WA celebrating Trains, Timber, and Tradition. Today, the Northwest Railway Museum and the City of Snoqualmie host thousands of visitors for the annual event – and this year we celebrate nearly 80 years! 

Today, Snoqualmie retains a strong connection to its past. Residents and visitors experience this connection while visiting the Historic Downtown Commercial Landmark District, Snoqualmie Falls, and the Northwest Railway Museum whose passenger rail program operates on the same rail line that brought the first regional tourists to the Falls on July, 4 1889.

Snoqualmie Railroad Days is your community festival – one stop for family fun. You won’t want to miss it!

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