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Navy life was a time for me,
To learn about life and our Country.
On board our ship DE699,
Life was good and it was fine.
A Destroyer Escort, the USS Marsh.
Built in Michigan, 1n 1941, I recall,
Floated down the Mississippi, for launch and all.
The Navy routine, at Sea or in Port,
Was a constant chore to maintain
The appearance of this Ship of ours
And we chipped and painted for hours.
Chip off the paint with a hammer,
Then use a steel brush,
Apply Red Lead, as a primer,
Then cover it all with Battleship Grey,
Put on in a slather.
This was an ongoing task for our Ship
As the pride for our Ship was Hip.
There were other tasks that we did too,
Depending upon specialty rate and you.
I was a Radarman Petty Officer 3
And the resident Postal Clerk for our DE.
Pick up the mail when we weren't at sea;
Selling stamps and money orders on pay day.
My Post Office was a nice little room
And gave me some space, the size of a tomb.
Those days, long gone, sometimes come to me
And I hear the "Sirens Call, Return to the Sea."

I don't wish to write about Politics.
I do want to comment on the dirty tricks.
I know for me, it's been awhile,
But Politics are so juvenile.
When lies are truths, according to them,
My mind coughs to get rid of mental phlegm.
Tell me please, what you will do.
Don't disparage all your opposition,
I only care about your personal opinion.

It was in Hawaii
In the Kona Hotel, that
I saw my first, Feral cat.
Long legged, grey with striped fur,
Strutting about; Putting on an air
As it ambled as if it didn't care.
As I sipped on my Mai Tai,
In the evening Sun.
I recall a friend saying,
"Bet you can't drink more than one."
I ordered another, got up from my chair,
Went to the Loo with nary a care.
When I returned, walking wobbly about,
I said to our host, "that Devil Rum
In this Mai Tai, you serve here,
Is clouding my head", I had a fear
That I must start walking away from the scene,
As I anticipate an hangover
That was going to be mean.
I made it to bed early that night
And remember that I didn't sleep tight.
The lesson learned and I do not try
To ever again, drink a Kona Mai Tai.
At least not more than one.

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Arlington Street Fair (Arlington, WA)

Posted by Kudos Community (264) Posted on 06/13/2019 at 07:17AM Art Community Event Food Lifestyle Music Neighborhood Other See more by Kudos Community (264)

Come check out the Arlington Street Fair with nearly 200 vendors this year! Enjoy LIVE entertainment all weekend in Legion Park. There will be TONS of children's activities which will be scattered throughout the fair. There will be a mixture of vendors with a majority of handcrafted/homemade items. Try out some of the many delicious food vendors that will also be attending and fill up your tummy! This will be a great time for all ages - all weekend! Come enjoy the FUN!

When: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, July 12th, 13th and 14th, 2019 at 10:00 am each day.

Address: S. Olympic Ave. Arlington, WA 98223

Phone: 360-659-5453 

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Daddy & Daughter Dance! (Oak Harbor, WA)

Posted by Kudos Community (264) Posted on 06/13/2019 at 07:14AM Community Event Food Lifestyle Music Neighborhood Other See more by Kudos Community (264)

What a fun way to celebrate Fathers Day! Come dance the night away with your father or your daughters on Saturday, June 15th, 2019 for the annual father/daughter dance! The theme this year is "Alice in Wonderland"! Dress up and have a great time!

Dinner choices are: prime rib, crab cakes or chicken strips. All entrees include salad, sparking cider, dessert, photo, and dancing. 

Address: 1080 Ault Field Rd, Oak Harbor, Washington 98278 
Phone: 360-257-2505