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Talk Sporty to Me teaches conversation skills that lead to more effective communication and increased confidence.
Don't let the name fool you, Talk Sporty to Me isn't just about sports. The company provides a practical approach to improving conversation skills that lead to more effective communication. Sports conversations are just one of the easy entry points into those conversations.


Company founder and CEO, Jen Mueller, has spent more than a decade in sports broadcasting. She uses her personal experience from the sidelines and inside the locker rooms as teaching tools. Her techniques will enable you to become more effective and efficient at work, build rapport quickly and bridge common communication gaps.
Making genuine connections in your community lead to more productive and fulfilling relationships. You need good communication skills to make those connections.
Surveys over the last 10 years show that people are lonelier now more than ever. Make a difference in your community and make good communication skills your defining characteristic.
Sign up for the Talk Sporty to Me newsletter at or book Jen to come and speak at your next event. And don't forget to cultivate your relationships by sending handwritten cards. The Talk Sporty to Me Line is perfect for staying in touch.


Talk Sporty to Me

  • t 855-825-5776
  • 914 164th St SE Suite 483
    Mill Creek, WA, 98012 47.8486379 -122.2200243

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