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Heading north from Seattle for a long weekend getaway we decided we would grab a bite to eat in Everett. Our initial instinct was to find a place on the waterfront, but after reviewing our options we decided we wanted something different.

After some deliberation, we decided to chance The New Mexicans restaurant on Hewitt Ave. Admittedly, it didn’t have the waterfront view, but it certainly did have its own unique character and a staff that genuinely care about what they serve and whether you like what they serve.

We were both very hungry, but after hearing the portion size, decided to share a carne asada breakfast burrito and spinach salad. Both were delicious and more than enough to satisfy two hungry travelers. This was our first New Mexico style burrito which was different than what we’ve had in Mexican restaurants. The meal was very good – everything was well prepared and tasted like it was home cooked from secret recipes – spicy, tasty and filling. We will definitely be back!