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Across our broad galaxy,
soaring into outer space,
the thrust of rockets firing,
brings a smile to my face.

A celestial race,
to planets and stars,
on this long journey,
to the "Red" planet, Mars.

Is this the answer,
to our climate woes,
leaving the earth,
struggling with death throws?

Climate changes,
we must fight,
by replacing pollution,
bringing back the light.

"You’ve probably seen ads promoting gas and oil companies as the solutions to climate change. They’re meant to be  inspiring and hopeful, with scenes of a green, clean future to climate change.
But shiny ads are not all these companies do to protect their commercial interests in the face of a rapidly heating world. Most also provide financial support to industry groups that are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on political activities, often to thwart polices designed to slow climate change."  more at The Conversation

"To curb climate change, many experts have called for a massive shift from fossil fuels to electricity. The goal is to electrify processes like heating homes and powering cars, and then generate the increased electrical power needs using low- or zero-carbon sources like wind, solar and hydropower.  Read more

Although 72% of the top 300 companies on the Fortune Global 500 list have made some form of voluntary commitment to reduce plastic pollution, few have prioritized reducing their use of virgin plastic, research finds....Read more at

"On carbon-negative Samsø Island, renewable energy is collectively owned — which means that the greener the island gets, the more everyone benefits"....... Read more

Where has all the caring
for another gone.
When did it become
not OK to follow the
Golden Rule?
What kind of Society
do we live in when
hate of another due
to religion, race or
country becomes the Norm.
If we wish to salvage
what is left of this Social
Experiment, of Democratic
Governing, we must take
action now, if not for ourselves,
but for our children and
grandchildren to make a place
where they may continue to
live, be happy and succeed.

"Data from last year’s survey at this point seems to confirm that there was a massive decline in the number of young snow crab in the Eastern Bering Sea — something like 99% fewer female snow crab showed up in the survey from 2021" .... Read more

Photo credit: NOOA

"Since the Paris agreement, the six largest US banks – Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs – have provided $1.4tn in financing to the fossil fuel industry" Read full article

"Earth warming has not been uniform, with some regions warming at a far greater pace. One such region is the Arctic..... which has warmed nearly four times faster than the rest of the world over the past 43 years. This means the Arctic is on average around 3℃ warmer than it was in 1980....... This is alarming, because the Arctic contains sensitive and delicately balanced climate components that, if pushed too hard, will respond with global consequences" ... Read more

Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the United States and supplies water to Millions of people across seven states, tribal lines and northern Mexico. Many of these areas are experiencing some level of drought.

Source: : NASA Earth Observatory. (July 2000, 2021, 2022) ... Read more