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Art and Aviation have been my lifelong pursuit. After graduating from Arizona State University with a major in Fine Art, I became a Marine Corps fighter pilot flying hundreds of combat missions. Following military service I joined World Airways, a special airline that transported our military to every major conflict involving the U.S. I’ve flown everything from Boeing 707s to the 747, always carrying my sketchbooks and camera, recording places and images for my watercolor paintings.

I work exclusively in the amazing media of watercolor – fascinated and amazed by this transparent medium. It has a life of its own and never ceases to show its independence and beauty. It seems to lead you in startling ways that you hadn't planned. You find that you are not always in perfect control but, instead, a creative partner. I’m flying high when this magical medium takes over and shows me what unanticipated beauty can be. No question about it …I'm hooked!


Robert Franklin's Watercolor Studio

  • FEDERAL WAY, WA, 98023 47.3189634 -122.3795389

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