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Rising Bird Healing Arts

Courtney Putnam is a Licensed Massage Practitioner and Reiki Master as well as an artist, writer, and teacher at Rising Bird Healing Arts in Seattle, WA.


Thank you for visiting Rising Bird Healing Arts, my nexus of creativity and healing. As you may gather from visiting the pages on this site, I am not your average massage therapist.

I have often been called “The Creative Healer” because my approach to bodywork specifically, and healing in general, is creative in nature: the mind is a creative force that can help to heal the body and the messages we receive from the body–through sensation, imagery, or emotion–may not only relieve pain, stiffness, and tension, but may also help us understand our lives in a profound and meaningful way.


Rising Bird Healing Arts

  • t 206-228-9124
  • 6316 9th Avenue NE
    Seattle, WA, 98115 47.674683 -122.318209

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