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I teach clients the art of Critical Thinking so they can clarify and manage their own thoughts.Better relationships and inner calm are examples of the benefits.


During two hour sessions, I work with clients to understand and manage their thoughts and emotions. Sadness, anger, frustrations, negative self talk and other reactions to the past, present or possible future situations can become habitual and make us feel stuck. This does not promote a healthy or happy life, and is unnecessary.
A session typically begins with the client/s expressing the things they want to change about their own thoughts and emotions. Through thought provoking questions, I provide clients with the opportunity to claim their own solutions. Practical tools are also provided, ensuring self management.

The current political, economic and social conditions in the world can contribute to feelings of uncertainty, fear, blame, and a general sense of feeling disconnected. Our brains are mischief makers and often trick us into believing there is no hope. This is an illusion and we have the capacity to over ride those thoughts. When we engage in Critical Thinking, we find solutions rather than contribute to the evolution of even more problems. Solutions can be created on a personal, local and global level.


Breakthrough Coaching

  • t 206-226-7180
  • 101 N. 46th Street #305
    Seattle, WA, 98103 47.6621039 -122.3575803

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