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Let me sip the nectar
from a hundred silver cups,
and taste the honey,
produced by the bee.
Let me live today, as if,
tomorrow will never come.

Let me share my love,
with a stranger and
after I have loved,
with no remorse or sorrow.

Perhaps, all the love I've shared,
will bring a new tomorrow,
with a bright beginning,
for in loving, you will find,
another day for living.

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Loy • 06/02/2018 at 10:02AM • Like

Beautiful poem

Wind swept waters, passing
over rock and sand.
Sea fresh scent, rising
from the misty spray
of waves, pounding.

Wetness clings,
to limbs of trees,
reflecting sunlight
on mirrored surfaces.

Seagulls passing,
cast their shadows
on the sand.
Mournful crying,
always watchful,
for natures offering.

Without a moon or star above,
I stand, in darkness, alone.
My thoughts are splashed with color
that comes, not from my eye.
Your face as I remember,
floats airily in space,
as tender springtime breezes blow
the hair from off your face.
Your eyes flash with eternal light
of loves unfilled claim
and flecks of sorrow, can be seen
for the man who has a name,
that you cherish.
He will stand, eternally alone,
in the blackest void,
knowing not of missing love
from one who waits to see,
a smile of recognition.