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I Have

Posted by MFish Profile 06/28/22 at 07:57PM Share Life Stories See more by MFish

I have developed a liking
for Asian melodramas, Japanese,
Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese.
They provide an escape from my
worries of my wife's slow slide
from Dementia into Alzheimer's.
They are beneficial during the hours
I am unable to sleep.
A sucker for these stories that involve,
a women and man with involvement or
competition from others. I have also,
adapted to the subtitles in English with
the melodic narrative of the foreign language.
My story, my escape.

I Write

Posted by MFish Profile 06/28/22 at 03:54PM Share Life Stories See more by MFish

I write words
about words
and how they
interact or play
against one another.

As an example:
Alone in a crowd.
quiet but loud
was the noise
with the boys.
Insanity is just
a small step into
the inane. Did I
mean insane?
No inane, simply
Long may he live
long may he wander
trying to find his
place in the Sun.
Did he ever start,
did he decide,
He couldn't be fast
on a slow ride.
Sorry just trying
to clean the cobwebs
from this brain as it
approaches senility.

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MFish • 06/28/2022 at 10:46PM • Like Profile

Thank you, Carl


Posted by MFish Profile 06/25/22 at 08:55PM Share Life Stories See more by MFish

The Demons of life,
surround us.
Providing untruths,
because of anger.
What happened
to "I'll always
be there to
support you."?
Character assassination,
with threats without
the benefit of
an explanation
for a poor
choice of words.
My way or the
highway, approach
is totally inadequate
to the error.
Childish behavior
is not needed by
anyone; friend
or enemy.


Posted by MFish Profile 06/23/22 at 04:11AM Share Life Stories See more by MFish

I lack the courage
to handle life's burden
of failing health,
for a loved one.
How do you respond
to a question, "Do you
have any children?"
We have two.
"Where do you live?"
I live here with you,
is my reply.
When a statement is
made when speaking
of the loss of one's
parents, "My husband
is gone," yet I, her
husband, am sitting next
to her. There is no
malice, no intention to
hurt. Just a statement of
her mind's thoughts.
I am growing resentful
of this life and the
cruelty to others
I see, while living
in this memory
care facility.

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