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Of all those I know
in this great land,
there is no one like
my old friend, JoAnne.
She brings cheer to me,
when I am worried,
about my wife , then she
will write, providing me strength
and will go to any length.
Thanks for being a favorite fan.
You are the best, sweet Joanne.
Love to you JoAnne.

I was 22 years old,
sitting in a smokie bar.
I had little spending money,
did not own a car,
but there I was,
now drinking for free,
as my friend the bartender
was pouring for me.
This friend, is no longer here,
for Nature has caught up
and he did disappear.
No more voice to hear,
never any oral sound,
for he now lays,
6 feet under the ground.

How do you write the words, as before,
when all of your words are no more?
Words which sprang to paper, easily
because, as if, they would never be,
an anti-thesis of a once, creative mind
which spills globules of words, most unkind.
I long now, for those days so galore,
which have become nothing and are no more.

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Loy • 02/22/2021 at 11:29PM • Like 1 Profile

I think you still have it.

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MFish • 02/23/2021 at 10:44PM • Like Profile

Thank you, my friend. I have been struggling of late, although I must admit I have written a lot of stuff which I haven't posted. Need more time.

You know the highway is slick,
as you drive down the road
and the red lights you follow,
turn to white and back
to red, spinning like a top.
My heart jumps into my throat,
while a calmness comes over me
for the "black ice", on the road
I drive has appeared as
dry pavement, which it is not
and maybe the end of me.

I heard the Sirens call,
when I first went to sea.
I'm hearing it once more,
as she is searching for me.
A mournful sound, as I recall.
There was nothing there to see,
except to know in my heart,
she will soon be finding me.
Should I hide away from here?
Will she let me flee,
or go to the Earth's end,
to capture the Soul of me?
I now dream of sleepless nights
when I was last at sea,
knowing when the Siren calls,
it may be the end of me.

Here we are,
once more.
A very small fear,
of the loss of
your memory and recall,
which has gone away
and will no longer be,
yours to bring forth,
for others to hear
and all to riminess,
of the adventures we had
during this life of ours.
A captured image, now gone,
we must work hard,
and keep moving on.

This old heart is aching,
it is broken in two.
I would like to fix it,
but uncertain what to do.
Can't mend it with sutures
nor use string or glue.
My only known solutions
is to keep on loving you.

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Loy • 02/17/2021 at 08:21PM • Like 1 Profile

I love this one, even though it is sad...

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MFish • 02/18/2021 at 04:14AM • Like Profile

Thank you. I am pleased you like it.

A pain in my belly,
has now settled in.
I am uncertain
as to when it began.
A first worry is Covid19
or is it the result
of your shot of vaccine?
A new worry
or just a bad scene,
must be considered,
as there's no in between.

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Loy • 02/13/2021 at 03:31PM • Like 1 Profile

Hope you are well - I look forward to the day when Covid isn’t our first worry. I’m glad you got your first shot. Fingers crossed 🤞 that’s what it is and you feel better soon.

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MFish • 02/13/2021 at 10:39PM • Like Profile

My imagination is always creative about what my body might be doing. Everything is OK. Thanks

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