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North of Ellensburg, not too far ahead,
Is a creek, with lock and gate,
Referred to as the Naneum Watershed.
When I was young and liked to fish,
I would go through weeds with dread
To wet my line and make a wish
For there were Rattlesnakes around
Lying somewhere on the ground.
To catch a fish, with hook and line
For fishing was a love of mine.

The Moon hides behind the cloudy wisps
As it plays out it's Solar game.
Air is chilled, as a Northern wind
Places frost on window sill and pane.
The false Spring encouraged plants to grow.
This cold snap, a test of will,
Should soon be over, so warming Sun,
Heats the ground, creating many colors.
My inner feelings tell me to till
The soil; sow the seed and plant
The Primroses to brighten the drab garden,
Until the perennials are in bloom again.

Long years ago, with days no more,
Became our history and "days of yore".
Tales we could tell of our adventure,
Would more likely, be one of censure.
These stories could stand on their own
And probably never be told at home,
For life, which can be a mess,
Can also be one of happiness.
That my friend is up to thee
And your choice is for eternity.

I was young. It was Spring.
The Seattle Times, did this thing
That challenged youths pitching skill.
A wooden frame, of rectangular shape,
With a middle cut out, or "strike zone."
The object, was to throw strikes,
Until you threw four balls.
The contest winner, was the one
Who threw the most strikes,
Before they did finally succumb
With four balls or a walk you see,
And it was fortunately me.
A big event in the eyes of mine
A picture of me throwing strikes
In the Sports section, Seattle Times.
A great memory for me to share
About a success, where they weren't aware.

Virginia Woolf (1882 - 1941) English writer. She was a prolific writer of essays, diaries, letters and biographies.

Photo "by Unknown photographer," 1927. Courtesy of the Mortimer Rare Book Room, Neilson Library, Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts".

Yosemite was on fire last evening. Not literally but the setting sun shined on this seasonal fall and lit it up. Nature is grand, I hope you like this picture from last night, What you're seeing here is the sun lining up at just the right angle with Horsetail Falls to create this really awesome scene called the fire fall. ⁣⁣⁣

Have you ever been on a Snipe hunt?
If yes, you know the elaborate drill
Of going out at night and the thrill
Of the stalking of the elusive Snipe.
In early evening, while still light,
You would go out, with your flashlight
And a burlap bag, called a "gunny sack",
Out in the field, quiet as you can,
This little ritual that will make you a man.
Open the sack, prop it up with a stick,
Very clever and a real neat trick.
Place the flashlight in the back of the bag.
Be very quiet and wait for the bird.
They're attracted to light and will go inside.
Be patient, it won't be long and you'll see,
The Snipe approaching quite cautiously.
After waiting a half hour or more,
You go back to the house and
Hear the laughter roar.
You have been "snookered" it was a hoax
But for you it was an adult joke.
Could you get me a left handed monkey wrench?


Posted by MFish Posted on 02/23/2019 at 04:04PM Humor See more by MFish

Of all the jobs, that had no fuss,
Was when I drove a yellow school bus.
It was a Superior body on a Kenworth frame.
A rear engine, seventy six passenger, it came,
With the drivers seat, at the front end.
When I turned a corner, I did extend
Out to the other side of the street
And that, in itself was an exiting feat.
Our job, was to pick up all the kids
And take to the schools , which we did.
Afternoons, we would go to each school,
Taking them all home, that was the rule.
Dropping off the kids at homes, far and near,
When I looked up into the big mirror,
I saw this small head, above the seat,
So I went back to the Barn, to repeat
My story to my boss and he did say.
We need to take him home, right away.
It was his first day, going to school,
Missed his stop and I broke the rule.