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It's 6 AM on a Sunday morn.
The furnace came on, once again.
I hear a noisy splatter
of a cold, falling rain.
I sit here writing, of what
I never know,
for 3 hours of sleep in not enough
to rest this aged body of mine.
Perhaps I just need to wonder,
about the way our life, went away.
Never to return, at least not today.

Someone I worked with
almost every day,
would come in asking of me,
a question or two.
My usual answer,
I would say "I don't remember,
but I'll look on my desk."
This happened many times,
not just a few.
She said to me with a very nice
smile, "I'll call you Al, short for
Alzheimer, if you keep saying
In my defense I would find the
item we discussed, providing
the answer, that was my stead.
A long time ago. Now an old
friend. I'm the old one.
Thank you for your patience
over the years and thank
you for resuming the

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Loy • 05/15/2020 at 12:03AM • Like 1 Profile

And you still have a better memory than I, my friend 💕

My grandfather worked for the Kittitas County,
Reclamation District. His responsibility was
managing the water flow at the Whipple Creek
Pumping Plant, in Badger Pocket.
There were a series of ditches and canals
carrying water to the farming country, East
of Kittitas.
The Highline Canal, moved water from Lake
Easton through Kittitas County.
My grandfather and grandmother lived in a large
house, near the pumping plant.
My cousins and I would spend many a Summer,
when we were younger; pre teen.
The Highline Canal was up the hill from the
house. There was a spillway that brought
water down to a basin, the water moved via a
short canal to the pumping plant, where it
was pumped up another hill to a ditch that
was East of the pumping plants.
Surplus water would pass through the
pumping plant and was distributed to the flatter
land South.
My cousins and I would fish from the ditch
or swim in the water, below the pumping plant.
Great memories from so long ago.
We would go east of the house and gather
petrified wood. We put that around the flower beds.
I wonder if it is still there?

He bobs, he weaves, he spins around,
for Teflon Don is election bound.
He says what is needed, no surprise
but can't produce, so he lies.
The lies he says, come from within,
from a man whose purpose is to win.
If this is not OK with you,
in the coming election, please vote Blue.

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Carl • 05/14/2020 at 10:15AM • Like 2 Profile

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.” The results are now in. I hope we remember Abraham's Lincoln's warning on November 2020

She was sweet, with manners refine.
She was my first love,
My Adeline.

Mind your manners, when out to dine.
Stay on the outside, when with ladies,
then you will be divine.
She taught me well
My Adeline.

Treat people with respect,
do that all the time,
she said to me,
my Adeline.

She raised me well;
my manners did shine,
Thank you Mother,
my favorite Adeline.