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The quiet of morning,
awakes from a blast
of insanity.
What words are lies?
What words are truths?
The difference will
affect us all.
The virus still lives on,
in the lives of others,
infecting all.
Receive the vaccines',
this is a must
unless it's a choice
for living a life
completely without trust.

Medicare finalized its decision to restrict its coverage of Aduhelm, Biogen’s new Alzheimer’s disease drug, on April 8, 2022.The decision means only patients who have enrolled in clinical trials , will receive Medicare coverage for Aduhelm which goes by the generic drug name of Aducanumab. Read more

The electrical chatter of our working memories reflects our uncertainty about their contents. Neuroscientific studies suggest that when we call up a memory to use it, our uncertainty about its accuracy is part of the recollection. Read more

One-fifth. Nearly 20% of cancers worldwide are caused by a virus.
These viruses don’t cause cancer until long after they initially infect a person. Rather, the viruses teach the cells they take over how to escape the natural biological process of cell death. This strategy sets these altered cells on a path for other genetic changes that can cause full-blown cancer years down the road. Read more

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