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"He wantonly tears at the fabric of our democracy without care or concern for the destruction he causes. Cultural divides, racial unrest, economic disparity and constitutional abuses are just tools to be used to feed his narcissism, advance his political ambitions and line his pockets" ..... "Trump or America,” she wrote. “We cannot have both.” .... Read the complete article on USA Today

Mr. President, you talk big right now but you must know that the overwhelming majority of the citizens of our country, believe you have failed us in so many many ways that sometimes we think it is nothing but a bad dream.  You continue to do all you can to divide us and to create turmoil. For most of us now, it is not about politics anymore, it is about the survival of our country, our freedoms, the well being of our families, and the future of our children and future generations.

As I see it. the time has come for you to consider one of these three alternatives:

 - Resign now. Make up a story, you are good at that. About 40% of the people may believe it

 - Declare that you will not seek or accept another term (see making up a story above) 

 - Run for another term and get ready to be defeated by a landslide “the likes of which has never been seen before”

      You get to decide Mr. President.  I hope you make the right decision for our country.

    Today marks 93 days since the first Coronavirus case was reported in the U.S. We now have 803,018 confirmed cases and 43,558 deaths.
    What about those highly needed tests?  If you rank the world reporting nations based on the number of tests per 1 Million of population, The US is number 42 in the world. Yes, Number 42.
    I don't know about you, but I am tired of political spinning and lies. Lets ask our government to tell us the truth and to marshal our resources to address this problem in a coordinated, disciplined non political way.

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Risk is low for coronavirus 
    But high for the flu

    At the time of this tweet, from our Surgeon General on February 1 2020 we already had over 12,000 confirmed Coronavirus cases in the U.S and 360 deaths; and probably many more unknown cases since we had no significant testing capability (and still don't)

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    Loy • 04/05/2020 at 05:23PM • Like 1 Profile

    So many unhelpful misleading comments from the top down

    It was reported today that at the White House briefing, President Trump said he was encouraging Vice-President Pence to avoid calling governors who are not "appreciative" of the work being done by the federal government. Mr President, our State Governors are responsible to do all that is possible for the benefit of their respective State residents. The constitution does not require them to show you "appreciation or adulation ". You, on the other hand Mr President, are required to do all that is possible for the benefit of our country. This means for the benefit of all US Citizens and residents without expecting appreciation, adulation or any type of personality cult; Republicans, Democrats or Independents, we are all Americans. So, Mr President, please do you job and lead by example.  

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    MFish • 03/27/2020 at 10:55PM • Like 1 Profile

    Nicely written but good luck with its acceptance.

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