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"We all know multitasking is ineffective. Especially when tasks are cognitively difficult. Research has proven this, but we think we are the exceptions"....Read the full article

When the Sun falls
on the end of your day.
When the lessons, you learned
have failed and gone away,
will it be the time to lose your toys
and prepare your life, once more,
as the life you live,
is not here to stay.

Plow the land,
create the furrow;
making lines straight;
straight as an arrow.
Make the rows broad,
the right size to walk.
Visit your neighbor
about crops; you talk.
Till the good earth,
which is God's plan.
Provide the World food,
the way you can.

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Loy • 08/27/2021 at 01:19PM • Like Profile

Nice poem. Such hard work, and heartbreaking during drought conditions.

I Will Write

Posted by MFish Profile 07/25/21 at 11:00PM Lifestyle See more by MFish

I will write you words, on this day,
to help you understand work vs. play.
There is much work, when we get paid
by performing a task or something we made;.
There are other tasks, which you can do,
as volunteering to others, to name a few.
When we play, it relaxes our Soul,
as we repeat and repeat this hyperbole.


Posted by MFish Profile 06/04/21 at 10:50PM Lifestyle See more by MFish

When there are days of love,
there will be no days of sorrow,
for all of the days of yesterday,
will be back again, tomorrow.
Yesterday has gone away
and today will be the morrow.
Look thee back, on those days,
finding the memories to borrow,
making this life a better one,
of happiness, without the sorrow.

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