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I started high school at O'Dea
in Seattle. An all-boys, Catholic
school. My parents, decided to
move back to their hometown,
it was mine also as I was born
My new high school, was in the
town of Thorp, 9 miles West of
Ellensburg. Same school my dad
I liked the school and my friends.
I was the class President in my early
year and later became the student
body President, when I was a Senior.
I was popular then, but must admit
the total high school enrollment was
approximately 40 and our class
was 14. I gained many friends there,
but now many of the males are gone,
no longer with us.
The times I recall were glorious,
adventurous times.
How I miss those uncomplicated days.

Do you remember the day
when we first met?
It was a cold, Tuesday,
in February, I think.
We were at a small bar,
having a drink.
You were alone,
I was too,
when I asked you to dance,
to a slow tune being played.
We discussed our old life,
back in the day.
We found we're interested,
in many similar things
and talked of the joy
those activities would bring.
What happened to you?
Where did you go?
I miss our discussions,
from so long ago.

Do you remember
your first encounter
with an older adult?
I do. I was young,
still in my teens.
My mother took me to lunch
at Clark's Copper Kettle,
located in West Lake,
near the Ben Paris Emporium.
The waitress, lovely she was,
captivated my young heart.
I was smitten. In love,
for the very first time
or it was, what I thought
love was about.

I Look

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I look through the glass pane,
in the store front.
Others like me, a young boy of twelve,
had smeared the glass with their noses,
like I was doing now.
Look in the window, of this large
Christmas Display in the Bon Marche
or Frederick and Nelson's.
This event, not Christmas, but the window display,
was every young childs fantasy trip.
Toy train locomotives, were pulling
their cars, across country with bridges
and rivers too. It was a time for
a real view of your imagination.
Always a choice or you could pick,
these two displays in the Holiday Season.
It was all up to you.
Happy Holidays.

The first Taco
I ever ate,
was from a street vendor,
in Tiajuana Town.
My Navy friends,
young at 20 years old,
drove to Mexico,
to drink beer
at local cantinas.
We would stop at
the Taco stands
and eat the wonderful
tasting food.
Hard shell tortilla,
filled with some kind
of meat, tomatoes, and cheese
and lettuce. A tasty treat.
So great the joy,
a new food,
for a 20-year-old boy.

Cattle Drive

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I was 14 years old,
on my first cattle drive,
riding a horse,
who performed better than I,
on this lifetime adventure,
during my early life.
The Quarter horse,
knew how to herd.
I was along for the ride,
as the cattle were driven
down to Dry Creek,
the name of the area,
near Ellensburg.

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