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The 53 acre Bellevue Botanical Garden was established in 1992 and It is located east of downtown Bellevue on Main Street. It consists of several smaller gardens - each of them with its own character and focus. Read more

Cool this morning
with temperatures rising
to another warm,
Pacific Northwest Day.
A cool breeze
ruffles the leaves
and squeezes the
limbs of the tall
Fir trees.
The first hint of
Fall touches the air.
Leaves will begin to turn
colors as the evening
coolness follows
Natures lead.

Red Was the Fox

Posted by MFish Profile 07/31/22 at 10:20PM Share Nature See more by MFish

Red was the Fox,
scurrying on the ground,
trying to escape from
pursuit by a hound.
The Fox, was sly
as a fox can be,
thought," I can hide,
you'll never find me,
under a log."
Hidden, up tight,
the Fox stayed hidden,
to avoid having to fight.
After the hound passed by,
he came out of hiding,
for as a Fox, he was sly.

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