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Foggy Morning

Posted by MFish Profile 01/14/22 at 11:08PM Share Nature See more by MFish

Years ago,
time gone by,
when a foggy morning
had settled on our street.
I heard the honking
of geese in flight.
Couldn't see them,
not in sight.
When down the street,
15 feet high
the geese were flying
in the foggy sky.
Quite a sight for me
another sighting of
flying geese for thee.

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MFish • 01/16/2022 at 08:58PM • Like Profile

Thank you, Loy

Rubbing of limbs,
branches and twigs.
A rustling noise, of
leaves on the ground.
Not a dry prattle
but a more subdued sound.
Creaking of trunks,
Hemlock, Maple and Fir,
the start of a storm,
shaken needles from
Fir and Pine.
Falling rain, blown
by a strong breeze,
cold to the touch,
noses, ears and chin.
A Winter storm has
graced us again.

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