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From the darkest shelf,
in the back of my mind,
lay shadows of doubt,
much of the time.
Am I good enough to do
what I do,
or am I only good when
I take care of you?
What started as Dementia,
no longer will appear,
for based upon your composure,
something new is here.
Alzheimer's behavior is now,
what I can see
and it scares me. You
don't know objects, which is
a symptom, which I have read
is typical with many patients,
afflicted with Alzheimer Disease.

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Loy • 06/20/2021 at 07:32PM • Like 1 Profile

Such a sad disease affecting so many. I’m sorry for your pain.

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MFish • 06/20/2021 at 10:15PM • Like Profile

Thank you, Loy

I awake to a dull roar
of noise; the crashing of waves
on the sand of the beach floor.
The pungent smell of the Sea;,
assaults my senses; a fine mist
of salty spray, cools my skin.
My shoes are off, cold sand.
I feel its hardness.
A foot away, the sand is dry and fluffy
the wind blows stinging my face.
The squawking noise of Seagulls sail,
in windy updrafts, searching the beach.
Sunlight blossoms from the Eastern sky,
as shadows creep , slowly past
the sounds and smells are locked
in my mind, as my shaky fingers,
scribe these memories, onto the page
of another notebook, with pen
in hand, I recall again and again.

If I Say

Posted by MFishProfile 06/16/21 at 06:44AM Humor See more by MFish

If I say, "I have read,"
it sounds like head,
or I will read,
sounds like deed
or perhaps a reed.
By adding a "Y",
the word becomes ready
and is pronounced like "Betty."
It does not mean I've read,
more like I'm ready to read.
Funny this English language is.

If I say retreat
or turn back.
Try to release,
letting it go
or redo,
do it again
and repeat,
do it once more
or reword,
supply a new word.
How about reduce"?
making it smaller
or use resize.
I like remain,
staying here
or remaining.
A different meaning,
the word result.
How something did end.
Then remember,
capturing an event.
to live once more
or use resurface,
to change a cabinet
or floor.
to see it again
or resow,
spreading more seed,
or replant
a new deed.

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Loy • 06/17/2021 at 05:09PM • Like 1 Profile

Good poem. Reminds me of when I had Japanese students living with us who were here to learn English and trying to explain the rules and all the exceptions. "how come" is a challenge to explain...

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MFish • 06/17/2021 at 10:02PM • Like Profile

Thank you, Loy. So many times I don't know where these thoughts come from.


Posted by MFishProfile 06/15/21 at 11:29PM Life Stories See more by MFish

Why do I still write,
these words, meaningless for me?
There is no new thoughts here
to discover or to see.
Words lay jumbled, and in awhile,
I'll keep writing and writing
in search, of an absurd style.
Why do I write words for thee,
when life is so uncertain
and I just want to be,
free from the worry
I still have for thee.

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MFish • 06/17/2021 at 10:03PM • Like Profile

Thank you, Carl

Never Make Passes

Posted by MFishProfile 06/13/21 at 11:14PM Humor See more by MFish

Never make passes
at girls who wear glasses.
I dated a girl.
A girl who wore glasses.
She was a beauty
and she wore glasses.
I tried to give her a kiss.
She tried to do the same.
Raising her head,
as I dropped mine,
my nose struck the bridge
of her glasses,
making a loud noise,
which woke the masses.
This is why you
never make passes
at girls who
wear glasses.

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Loy • 06/14/2021 at 10:15AM • Like 1 Profile

Love the humor and explanation! My brothers repeated this all the time 😊

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MFish • 06/14/2021 at 11:39AM • Like Profile

Thank you.

Lost Soul

Posted by MFishProfile 06/13/21 at 11:13PM Life Stories See more by MFish

I think of you
as a lost soul,
for you follow me
around, as I work.
I finally understand
what it is.
You have no concept
of what you should do.
Daily routines are
no longer there,
for you to see,
so you put your trust
in my hands. Just me.

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