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Posted by MFishProfile 06/04/21 at 12:22PM Nature See more by MFish

The sunlight chases the shadows,
laying deeply hidden,
away from light and will
stay there, in place, until
disappearing from our sight.
Shadows cover the flaws of
the Earth. Flaws here since
the day, God gave birth.
He provided the Sun, Sky
and the Universe, sayeth I.
Long may thee and all your
offspring, whomever they be,
live long and healthy lives.

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The Moon

Posted by MFishProfile 11/03/20 at 10:19PM Nature See more by MFish

The Moon is full,
light poked through the leaves
of the towering, majestic Maple trees.
A lonely site on this Halloween eve
to look at the shadows
and how they will appease
the landscape viewed during the day.
A sight to behold; there it would stay.

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MFish • 11/04/2020 at 10:52PM • Like Profile

Thank you. I'm trying.

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