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An exercise, done on command:
Draw a picture of your hand.
This was done 40 years ago.
Why I didn't continue? I don't know.
So no I must, with an old brain
Start again, working to re-train,
My eyes to capture, what I see,
On to paper again, so readily.

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Loy • 09/30/2020 at 12:04AM • Like Profile

Can’t wait to see it!

She sees but cannot see.
She hears but cannot hear.
She questions, asking to be,
Saying, "What's wrong with me?"
I say without remand,
"Your mind has no command.
Your thoughts do not connect,
I am here to protect,
from what you cannot see;
From what you cannot hear,
for all this life's eternity."

Where did you go? I would say,
tell me please, when you go away.
You disappear from here in
this week of gloom,
although you sit with me,
in the same room.
An escape for you from
your own mind.
A place of solitude where
people are kind.
Please talk to me now,
for you know,
I want you near me,
until I must go.

I tire of doing this writing craft,
for in my life, I am feeling daft.
Daft in the head, we would say;
It's the way I feel, every day.
Perhaps it's because words cause me pain.
Wishing to do better and not complain.
I tire of words, from the dirt,
for when I write them, they hurt.
Hurt others I care so much about,
for I want to scream and shout,
"Enough, enough, is what I say,
there's hate in this Country, every day."

The past few days, have been wild.
I am living with an elderly child.
A child; my loved one I see,
Who asks all these questions of me.
Did you know my parents, I had?
I have nothing. No Mom or Dad.
She knows we have friends, I recall
But doesn't know names, not at all.
She remembers our granddaughter, by name,
For all others, it's not the same.

As I sit, with pen in hand,
I must say, with no remand,
of writing two works, recently
as I sat in front of the
computer, writing quite freely.
Why do words, which I love
come easily from my trove
of words bouncing in my head?
Where is the senseless prose,
now taking me? I wish to know.
Let me be, o fate of mine,
I love all my friends, for sure
and hope my distant love
will last long and endure.

If you like or dislike
the words I now write,
tell me so, for I am
in a mental plight.
Do I stay here now,
or should I take flight?

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Amy • 09/20/2020 at 11:11AM • Like 1 Profile

Yes, stay MFish! reading your words is a wonderful experience I look forward to.

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MFish • 09/20/2020 at 11:20PM • Like Profile

Thank you Amy. So many years have gone by since the very first post. Love to you.

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Loy • 09/21/2020 at 11:19PM • Like Profile

I love the words you write. I appreciate your talent and discipline for creating poetry and prose about many thoughts, feelings and memories.

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