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With generous amounts of shredded chicken, cannellini beans, and green vegetables - This white chili version is ready in a fraction of the time thanks to the pressure cooker.....Click the image below to see Coco Morante's recipe at Simply recipes

But thanks to the incredible, scientific development of options like Darigold FIT, making the best choice for his health doesn’t always mean skipping what he wants. Nor does it mean sacrificing flavor.

I get it. Starbucks is a big-box chain. There’s one on every corner. They aren’t ‘unique.’ Howard Shultz let the Sonics leave Seattle.

I understand all the arguments against Starbucks. And, I love me some mom-and-pop local shopping.

But here’s the deal — I also really like Starbucks. Sure, I’m not going get some ultra-inspiring experience at the green mermaid. But it offers a few things that make it invaluable in my world.

1. Free Internet
2. Consistency
3. Holiday Panini
4. Mobile Office
5. Free (or Cheap) Refills
6. Rewards Program
7. Dog-Friendly

Which Starbucks do I like the absolute best? The on Lake Union! Follow the link in my profile to find out why.

Are you a fellow Starbucks lover? What would you add to my list?

Don’t just dream about Side Hustle Doughnuts. Don’t just think you’ll visit someday. Set your alarm. Get yourself out of bed. And get yourself down to Georgetown. You won’t be disappointed. In my humble opinion, these are the best doughnuts in Seattle.

Silky porters. Hoppy IPAs. Citrus loaded sours. Bend brewers know more than a thing or two about crafting exceptional microbrews. But as luck would have it, beer’s not the only tastebud satisfying game in town. Many a brewery and tap house are plating up savory treats that will rock your world (while also helping you stay sober enough for another round).

When his first restaurant, Sawyer, earned a James Beard Nomination for ‘Best New Restaurant,’ was Mitch Mayers surprised? Maybe. But after experiencing his eclectic menu loaded with Pacific Northwest ingredients and Mexican-South American flare, it’s clear no mistake was made.

My Wine Collection is showing at Davenport Cellars in the Warehouse District, Woodinvillle thru May. Stop by for food, wine and art! 

Address: 19495 144th Ave NE, Suite A-16 Woodinville, WA 98072


It’s possible to buy pockets of love. Homer proved it one warm, puffy pitta at a time.

Even a blustery, wet sidewalk couldn’t deter a dozen-plus shuffling patrons from claiming their spot in line. Because while the former yoga-studio was anything but roomy, the promise of hand-rolled, wood-fired pita was just steps away.

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Loy • 01/11/2019 at 04:08PM • Like 1 Profile

The food sounds amazing - nicely written blog, too! I hope you'll share more of your restaurant posts...

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Mikaela Cowles Judd • 01/24/2019 at 09:02AM • Like Profile

Thanks Loy! I do love food ;)

You can detox just by feeding your body the right foods to support your body’s detoxifying functions.............. Click here or the image below to read Lea Basch's full article on The Tasteful Pantry

Easy, light and delicious pumpkin mousse recipe with graham crackers and yogurt. Great dessert for parties or any other time! click here or on the image below to read Ilona's "Easy Pumpkin Musse" recipe.

Mushrooms have the ability to help boost your immune system, providing you with numerous vitamins, minerals, and enzymes............. Click the Image below to read Rachel Morrow's creamy mushrrom soup recipe on Food Matters

If you’re inviting a big group over, chances are you’ll have at least one person with some sort of dietary restriction. So here are some tips to manage such occasions from the Tasteful Pantry. Click the Image below to read the full article.

Besides the picturesque nature and colors, fall also brings many comforting foods – pumpkins, squash, apple cider are just a few that make fall feasts so spectacular. These foods don’t just bring a variety of colors to the table, they also have many medicinal and health benefits. Click the image below to read Dr. Jeremy Wolf's article on Food Matters and to take a look at some of the fall super-foods.........

If you love Reuben sandwiches, you’re going to LOVE the Reuben Dip recipe from Meggan Hill. To view the recipe click: #recipe" target="_blank">

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J Overstreet • 10/19/2016 at 01:40PM • Like 1 Profile

I love Reubens! Have printed and will be giving this a try!

Heading north from Seattle for a long weekend getaway we decided we would grab a bite to eat in Everett. Our initial instinct was to find a place on the waterfront, but after reviewing our options we decided we wanted something different.

After some deliberation, we decided to chance The New Mexicans restaurant on Hewitt Ave. Admittedly, it didn’t have the waterfront view, but it certainly did have its own unique character and a staff that genuinely care about what they serve and whether you like what they serve.

We were both very hungry, but after hearing the portion size, decided to share a carne asada breakfast burrito and spinach salad. Both were delicious and more than enough to satisfy two hungry travelers. This was our first New Mexico style burrito which was different than what we’ve had in Mexican restaurants. The meal was very good – everything was well prepared and tasted like it was home cooked from secret recipes – spicy, tasty and filling. We will definitely be back!

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