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I live here alone
in this empty house.
My wife has moved
to a memory care place.
One life ruined, by despair
another life in shambles,
with a sign, Do Not Repair.
This is no longer the life
which I hoped it to be,
for the sadness of loss
has overtaken my reverie.
I am most thankful
for the life we had
but when memories flee,
leaving you, the only one
who recalls all the good,
when we were so young.

Is the story true?
I'd like to know,
Is there really gold
at the end of the Rainbow?

An olde fable, I do suppose,
so many of those, we've been told.
Providing incentives to look
for the missing Pot of Gold.

Believe not all stories,
which you may find bold.
Hard work with others,
you'll find your gold.