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UC STRATEGY (Universal Consulting India Pvt Ltd) is a 24-year old Indian strategy consulting firm based in Mumbai, with a team of around 70 people.

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The client was amongst the top three global players in inhalation anesthesia. It acquired a set of ~5 controlled substance products (marketing authorizations, technical know-how, and trademarks)

The client was a leading multinational player in the medical device segment and requested UC STRATEGY to evaluate the opportunity for the value segment for spine products

The client had planned a Fund Raise (an IPO) and UC STRATEGY was engaged to develop a plan for 6 legal entities in 30 countries across its key 8 financial product and service lines of businesses

The client approached UC STRATEGY to assist it in the endeavor of shaping its inorganic growth strategy and identify potential acquisition targets.

The client was a large UK headquartered brand in financial services and engaged UC STRATEGY to develop a business plan as a preparation for the forthcoming IPO.